My Heavenly Helpers

Our Mission: To make life more enjoyable for the elderly by helping them connect with their family and friends.

What We Do: We connect senior citizens to their loved ones by helping them find ways to contact their loved ones frequently. Please check out the "Our Services" tab!

How We Started: Kristine Taylor, CEO of My Heavenly Helpers, was inspired by her piano teacher to create this business. She was always told stories of how she loved contacting her grandchildren in Japan and Germany. Kristine decided to launch this business when she thought “Wow, wouldn’t it be great if I could create a business that could help people like my piano teacher contact their grandchildren both in Japan and in Germany on a regular basis.” She realized that the technology to constantly contact loved ones already exists; seniors only prefer someone to lead them step by step to learn it... and that's what My Heavenly Helpers does! Not only can it help teach the new forms of technology but it does whatever it can to connect seniors to their loved ones which includes helping with biographies or handwriting cards for the senior.